General Contractor

A skilled general contract can free you from such burdens as obtaining necessary permits, resolving disputes with suppliers, subcontractors, inspectors, coordinating work of various sub trades, scheduling their work and making sure your home will be build to specs all while maintaining a work schedule and budget.

You make the design, product, and placement decisions; your General Constractor – Gargas Homes makes it happen. 

We at Gargas Homes pride on our expertise and many years of experience that allow us to complete projects in a timely manner and within a budget for a happy homeowners. 

  • We use our leverage to negotiate the best prices with subcontractors and pass discounts at lumberyards and supply stores onto our clients. 
  • We stays on the top of the schedule and make sure that everything gets done on time and there are no costly delays.
  • We are familiar with local variations in codes and construction requirements and are constantly checking the quality of every sub’s work to make sure it will pass inspections.
  • We make sure our subs show up on time to prevent a cascade effect of delay and rescheduling that can negatively impact the whole project.
  • We at Gargas Homes use our long term business relationships with suppliers and subs to your advantage.

Many of the best subs are very selective about which job they will consider.  We at Gargas Homes have a long list of repeat excellent contractors working for us and our clients again and again providing a high quality of work.